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Translating a homebuyer’s dream house into a place to call home.

For Homes by Managen, creating custom home designs is what we do best, and our respected work has positioned us as a leader in the Edmonton market for new home construction.

Serving Edmonton and the surrounding area since 1987, Homes by Managen is known for building customized single-family homes, tastefully appointed estate homes, and prestigious infills.

Homes by Managen is proud to be a member of the Canadian Home Builders Association and Progressive New Home Warranty Program which provides an industry leading 10-year structural guarantee.

Formed by Pat Mckenna, Paul and Gail Kehler as a natural next step from their roots in previous sales and construction supervision roles for other home builders. The trio became known for their extensive experience in new home design and construction with strong contemporary design leanings. Together we have built the company with an emphasis on customer satisfaction achieved by listening to their needs and paying attention to the details. Word of mouth is our strongest source of new clients.

Mr. Kehler passed away in 2023, but his tradition of excellence carries on. Today, Pat McKenna is the co- owner and on-site superintendent. He brings more than three decades of experience in new home construction and project management to the table. Pat is an experienced Carpender and is primarily responsible for the day-to-day construction monitoring, scheduling, and quality control.

Troy Beattie is the company’s project manager. With more than 16 years of experience in new home design and construction, Troy brings his expertise to each project. He is primarily responsible for project estimation, sales, and coordination. He enjoys working as part of a team coordinating efforts to deliver timely and well-thought-out designs that work within a budget.

Having been involved from the company’s conception Co-owner Gail brings steady attention to the day-to-day operations and accounting.

Homes by Mangen is boutique builder, where lower volume translate into time for a personal hands-on approach. We have pride in the quality of the work we provide. The attention to detail makes for an enjoyable building experience.

What sets Homes by Managen apart? It’s simple: We are customer focused, adaptable to make changes quickly throughout the build and attentive to the small details.

We look to build lasting relationships with our clients, Homes by Managen gets to know you, your needs, tastes, and lifestyle. This allows us the time to achieve the level of detail required of a true custom home.

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Homes by Managen

What: a small, family-run business specializing in custom-built homes in the Edmonton and greater Alberta area, turning heads since 1987

Where: Edmonton, Alta.

Website: www.managen.com